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"Leaving (Evidence)"
One of the Top Ten Dance
Events of 2003-LA Times

Collaboration with Loretta Livingston & Dancers for City of Los Angeles Award Receives Rave Review by Los Angeles Times
Kate Johns
on collaborated with celebrated modern choreographer Loretta Livingston in May 2003 to create "Leaving(Evidence)", a multi-media live dance concert exploring the things we leave, or don't leave, when we leave the world. L.A. Time's dance critic called the evening, "Unforgettable, thrilling, supremely accomplished...maybe the most forthright and searching self-examination ever launched by a member of the local dance community". It was also the Dance Pick of the Week for the L.A. Weekly and the L.A. Times.

Eli Broad 70th Birthday~EZTV designs Video Installation celebrating the renowned Contemporary Art Collector and Philanthropist
June 2003
Legendary Ballet Russes Star, Mia Slavenska Documentary
Written & Directed by her daughter, Maria Ramas with editing & design by EZTV's Kate Johnson, the docu-mentary is an insightful look at the career of an amazing ballet star who graced the stages of Europe and America, starred in one of the most celebrated dance films in the early 30's "Le Mort du Cyne" (or it's American title "Ballerina" and went on to teach some of the most influential ballet and modern dance performers today. It premiered at UCLA to an audience of her contemporaries and scholars. It is currently being re-edited for distribution to a wider audience.

PBS Woodrow Wilson Enhanced TV Project Awarded Communication
Art Magazine's 2003 Award of Excellence for Interactive Design

EZTV teamed up with Interactive writer and director Douglas Varchol and designers at H Design to create segments of the enhanced tv project based on the documentary on Woodrow Wilson that aired in January 2002. Over 90 short docs and segments were created at EZTV for the interactive DVD.

"Read the Bones" fall 2003 collaboration with Loretta Livingston & Dancers called "a total revelation"
by L.A. Times

Kate Johnson once again created video art for the performance of "Read the Bones" at the Mark Taper theatre inside the Central Library in downtown Los Angeles. Along with additional video by Michael Masucci, Johnson and Masucci's work was called a "total revelation". The piece, inspired by the Jud Fine installation art on the grounds of the library, looked at the development of relationship, language and expression. Behind the dancers video was projected of text scapes, underwater and movement scenes, ancient texts flipping pages, and the merging of ancient artifacts, DNA, water and dance.

NEWS FLASH: A very exciting collaboration between EZTV and the Art Institute of California/Los Angeles is in pre-production, under the sponsorship of Adobe Software. The project, will use Adobe's Atmosphere software to create an EZTV Virtual Museum online, which will include many aspects of EZTV's rich history. Details to come...

Also Currently in Production:
A Video Art Dance Collaboration
between EZTV & Nina Kaufman as well as another Dance Video Collaboration with Lauren Denker

Recently, EZTV's Michael Masucci and Kate Johnson gave lectures at Highways Perfromance Space for Dance Camera West's co-director Lynette Kessler about issues concerning video, dance and art. Masucci gave a lecture on directing and Johnson gave a lecture on editing.

Michael Masucci will once again be a speaker and panelist in New York at the Global Entertainment & Media Summit