"History tells us that the process of acceptance and assimilation of any new medium can be mighty slow...Those that are sticking their necks out are softening the risk...CyberSpace Gallery is a rare animal in its commitment to showing almost exclusively computer generated art" -Computer Graphics World

CyberSpace Gallery, at EZTV Media Center, in the 18th Street Arts Complex, is one of the first galleries dedicated to the advocacy and exhibition of digital and electronic arts since 1991, showing work from a wide variety of well-known artists. 

 "EZTV is the place to be...A fascinating range of works that will be on interest to computer afficianados as well as those just discovering the vast creative possibilities of the medium"- Venice Magazine 

During the 1980's and early 1990's, digital art had a difficult time being accepted into the mainstream art world, and needed alternative venues for its continuance. During this period, EZTV served as Los Angeles' most noted organization for exhibiting computer art, and often hosted events sponsored by SIGGRAPH, the Visual Music Alliance and other curators and artists interested in cyberculture.  

"EZTV CyberSpace Gallery...the only electronic gallery in town...helping digital artists break into museums"- IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications

CyberSpace has evolved into both a physical as well as an on-line gallery committed to the promotion of art on the Net, sending its images all over the world.

"CyberSpace Gallery is beyond doubt one of the most prominent digital art galleries" -Tekniikan Nakoalat (translated from the Finnish by its author)

During EZTV's 20th Anniversary tribute in 1999 at the American Film Institute, noted digital art historian and curator Patric D. Prince wrote a curatorial statement for EZTV which remains relevent to this day:

Computer Art in the New Millenium Patric D. Prince copyright 1999

The concept of art in the twentieth century is vastly different from that of the earlier periods. What began as picture story-telling in caves has evolved into elaborate conceptual art experiences. Computer technologies, video and graphic techniques have contributed to this development. The early 1960s experiments in graphical picture making and interactivity has matured into a total art experience involving the viewer in the process as well as using all of his/her senses. The technology has been assimilated into current artistic production to the extent that the technolgical aspects of the work can be invisible as well as present bells and whistles.

EZTV has made the viewing of new art possible in the Los Angeles area for more than two decades. The EZTV board has supported digital art with great foresight that is appreciated by the community. It is the only gallery in the area that has consistently held exhibitions of art and technology. We celebrate EZTV's anniversary and look forward to new and amazing exhibitions in the new millenium.

Patric D. Prince is an art historian and theorist specialzing in the history of computer art. She has taught at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York; California State University, Los Angeles; and West Coast University, Los Angeles. Prince curates new media art exhibitions and has sat on numerous art juries. She has written many articles on the history of art and technology.

Prince was co-director and founder of CyberSpace Gallery.

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In the months to come, we will have both individual and group exhibitions, showcasing the work of new and established digital artists. Click here for information on our gallery show from last year: Digital Duality

Currently in our online retrospective exhibit: Some of our early favorites
Digital Images by  Victor Acevedo, Sheri Lynn Behr, Dona Geib,  Robert Lowden and Michael Wright.
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